52RDS0004 Alex Papatheodorou


Alex Papatheodorou, Sound Engineer, guitar player, guitar tech

So, da ist sie, die erste deutsche Episode. Ich hab mal kurz mit meinem Kumpel Alex geschnackt. Ich kenne Alex noch aus der Zeit als Student und wir sind gute Freunde und Kollegen geworden. Hier ist Alex Geschichte, wie er zum Roadie wurde.

Sorry my english listeners. This is the fest episode in german.
I had a little chat with my buddy Alex. In know him since he was a student and he became a good friend and colleague. So here’s how Alex got onto the road!

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avatar Alex Papatheodorou


52RDS0003 Jenny Douglas


20 minutes with sound engineer & tour manager Jenny Douglas.

I met Jenny on the Persistence Tour in Januar 2015 and we talked about her job and how it is to be a hard working woman in a mens world, about vegan food on tour and other stuff. Listening to Jenny is fun, she’s smiling (almost) always and has a lot of stories to tell.


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avatar Jenny Douglas

52RDS0002 Allex Veldman


I was in Deventer and talked to Allex, who was the monitor engineer at the Burgrweeshuis. He’s a volunteer and did a great job so I asked him to tell me his story.

He’s studying electrical engineering and works as a sound engineer. With the combined knowledge of those different fields he also built some hand wired audio effects. Have a listen!

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avatar Allex Veldman

52RDS0001 Marc Hudson


This is the first episode of 52roads. Please ignore my crapy english. I was really excited and nervous like hell! I promise to get better. The german episodes will be easier, I guess.

I met Marc during a tour weekend at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. He was mixing Against Me! twice just before I was the next guy on the desk.
I talked to him about his job, how he became a sound engineer and tour manager and asked him about a special mic I found at the drums set of Against Me!’s drummer.

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